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23 Jul '16

Q/A with Trina Morris

Posted by Natasha Samoylenko

TRUNK: When was the moment that you knew you wanted to move to New York City from the Midwest?

TRINA MORRIS: I'm from Indianapolis, Indiana. It was actually a 2-fold decision. I was pursuing a PR graduate degree (focused in Fashion) and knew I needed to get to NYC. I had also ended my relationship (okay, engagement- yeah, big deal!!) and needed a completely new landscape and lifestyle. My bestie knew what I was going through and called to tell me her Snapple cap just read "When in doubt, change zip codes." That was my confirmation. And off I went ; )

TRUNK: We see that you are a busy lady with teaching at FIT, being a yogi, working with fashion pr and as a tour guide. How have these endeavors influenced who you are today?

TM: While they all seemingly vary, I believe the common thread is that I love working with passionate people. People who want to learn more, be more, experience more of themselves and the world. These different roles/people are constant inspiration for me, and rather than influencing who I am today, I believe they all reflect who I've always been "a people person", one of service and sincerity. And of course, they chart my NYC journey- personally and professionally ; )

TRUNK: What inspired you to start practicing yoga?

TM: I was in a bad car accident my senior year in undergrad and while I didn't suffer from serious injury (other passengers did), my body was definitely different. I made yoga my form of (DIY) physical therapy. Once I popped in that Rodney Yee & Patricia Walden VHS tape, I was totally hooked!!!!

TRUNK: “The way to immortality is reached by deeply planting one’s spiritual root.” What is your reason for choosing this quote?

TM: I guess because so much of who I am/becoming and what I stand for is cultivated below the surface (hard work, patience, integrity, faith, peace of mind, confidence, love, etc.) Ironically (in spite of all the people/industries I'm surrounded by), my path is mostly one of spiritual solitude. My fun and comfort may be with a crowd, but many of my pivotal growth spurts happen when I'm one with my Creator, and digging deeper into my calling. One can look at a plant and have no idea how long it's been growing beneath the soil. But its roots tell another story. Success is soo relative to me. I believe the deeper you go in pursuit of your highest truth/purpose, the stronger your impact is to the world. Legacy over currency for sure. That's how one lives forever, and why this quote means so much.

TRUNK: What is your favorite type of yoga and why?

TM: Definitely vinyasa because it helps/reminds me to consciously breathe. Our breath is our fastest and most reliable healing modality.

TRUNK: What is the most rewarding part about being a yoga teacher?

TM: Witnessing people "return" to themselves. It's humbling as much as empowering.

TRUNK: What are your goals for the next 5 years?

TM: I'll definitely have this book out of me!!! It's literally busting outta my mouth and fingers!!! LOL I will also have a dynamic wellness retreat program running, and of course, a precious family and home to love and nurture.

 Just Breathe. Just YOGA. Just TRUNK.

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