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Billy Holiday - Men's Tee

Billy Holiday - Men's Tee

$ 36.00

by Magdalena Concepts

The sheet music from the first verse of Billie Holiday's classic God Bless' the Child written out by hand. The story goes that this was the first song Billie wrote by herself, following a fight with her mother: "Mama may have, Papa may have, but God bless' the child that's got his own". A beautiful song, and we think it makes for a beautiful shirt. Subtle and aesthetically compelling, you don't have to be a musician to love this one to pieces. 

Shirt: Men's eco V-neck. The V is not too deep, hits about where an open polo would, and the hem hits just past the belt on an average sized guy. The fabric is a very soft fine knit that will get a vintage feel with several washes. Signature tag riveted at the back of the neck. Runs true to size.

Material: Eco-Jersey: 38% cotton (6.25% organic cotton), 50% polyester (6.25% recycled poly), 12% naturally occurring rayon, low impact yarn dyed.
Screen printed in Brooklyn