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Harriet Tubman COURAGE Tee

Harriet Tubman COURAGE Tee

$ 39.00

by Magdalena Concepts

Continuing the American Virtue series with Harriet Tubman. Courage is an old woman. Courage is mother Harriet, who would not allow you to turn back. We drew this one freehand in oil pastel, taking 5 drafts before we got it right, only then making the screen. We hope you share our affection this pillar of American history.


An extra-soft crew neck t-shirt in heathered grey and black stripe. Signature tag riveted at the back of the neck. Holds up to brutal washing/drying practices. Runs true to size.

Material: 50% Polyester, 38% Cotton, 12% Rayon, part organic, part recycled.
Screen printed in Brooklyn